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Post: “She’s already schizophrenic.” Political scientist about the Munich Conference without Russia


Representatives of the Russian Federation were not invited to the Munich Security Conference. Political scientist Dmitry Zhuravlev explained on Sputnik radio why the event lost its meaning because of this.

Forum chairman Christoph Heusgen told the news agency that no Russian representatives were invited to the Munich Security Conference, which will take place on February 17-18. Reuters.

In the broadcast of Sputnik radio, the scientific director of the Institute for Regional Problems, Associate Professor at the Finance University of the Russian Government, Candidate of Political Sciences Dmitry Zhuravlev, noted that this decision destroyed the foundations of the conference itself.

“They undermine their conference by narrowing down the ideological basis, inviting only those who want to listen. As Elizabeth of England said: ‘I don’t need a minister who agrees with me, I already have a mirror. “It’s the same here. If you just invite your own, the conference’s meaning disappears. The conference is a conversation that needs to reach an agreement. In a broad sense, not necessarily in the legal sense. And if you only hear yourself, then what kind of Mutual understanding, with whom? With yourself. It’s very convenient, but this is already schizophrenia. It is impossible to solve problems with the outside world in this way,” said Dmitry Zhuravlev.

The collective West is confident that it will not negotiate with Russia. The political scientist recalled the speech of Russian President Vladimir Putin at the Munich Conference in 2007. In his speech, the Russian leader in particular criticized the idea of ​​a unipolar world, condemned the use of military force by Western countries to violate the UN Charter, and described NATO’s eastward expansion as a “provocative factor”.

“How did they (Western states – ed.) react, what did a great German politician say? “Winners don’t make deals with the defeated.” Then at the conference, Putin said one simple thing: We want friendship with the West, but we want the West to consider our interests. Nothing more. They are very offended. What kind of friendship are you talking about? We beat you, you must follow our orders. Even now they remain on this logic. What? Does not the “evil” of Russia want? <…> They will not negotiate, taking into account our opinion”, thinks Dmitry Zhuravlev.

Terse. Selected quotes only ours telegraph channel.

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