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Post: The US Embassy did not receive notice of the FSB case against the American


US Embassy building in Moscow. archive photo

The U.S. Embassy did not receive notification that the FSB case against the American was initiated for espionage.

MOSCOW, January 19 – RIA Novosti. RIA Novosti was informed that at the American diplomatic mission in Moscow, the US embassy saw reports that the FSB had filed a espionage case against an American citizen, but had not received any notification from the Russian authorities and will be monitoring the situation closely.

The FSB reported on Thursday that it is filing a criminal case against a US citizen under the “espionage” clause. The FSB website reported that the American was suspected of collecting intelligence on biological matters aimed at Russia’s security.

“We are aware of the news of an unconfirmed case against a US citizen in Russia. We do not have any information on this at the moment, but we are investigating this case and will be monitoring the situation closely,” the source said.

He noted that “the Russian Federation authorities do not regularly inform the American embassy about the trial, arrest or transfer of Americans convicted in Russia.”

Source: Ria

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