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Post: A draft on the appointment of the Russian Guards to state institutions was submitted to the State Duma


National Guard employees. archive photo

A project on the temporary appointment of employees of the Russian Guard to state institutions was submitted to the State Duma

MOSCOW, January 20 – RIA Novosti. The draft law on the acquisition of the right to post employees of the Russian Guard in state institutions and organizations was submitted to the State Duma, reported Vasily Piskarev, Chairman of the Security Committee.

Draft law on the temporary assignment of military personnel and National Guard officers to government bodies, enterprises, institutions and organizations, regardless of status, in order to fulfill the duties assigned to the National Guard units. Piskarev wrote on his Telegram channel that forms of property that leave them in military service and maintain existing social guarantees are submitted to the State Duma.

“We are filling the gap in the legislation by extending the practice, which has been in effect in other law enforcement agencies for many years, to the National Guard,” the parliamentarian said. said.

According to the report, the bill was presented by MPs Vasily Piskarev and Alexander Khinshtein (United Russia), as well as Grigory Shilkin and Roza Chemeris (New People).

“It is important to be able to send your Employees to other institutions and organizations in order for the Russian Guards, who protect important government facilities and private cargoes, control the circulation of weapons, ensure the safety of fuel and energy facilities, and participate in the fight against terrorism and extremism, for the successful fulfillment of their duties. This is our change. It provides an opportunity.”

Source: Ria

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