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Post: Unidentified plane spotted over Ukraine


Flightradar detects an unidentified aircraft over southern Ukraine

MOSCOW, January 21 – RIA Novosti. An unidentified plane was spotted in the south of Ukraine. should Data from the Flightradar aircraft tracking service.

According to the service, the device took off at around 15:30 Moscow time, probably in the Novy Bug residential area of ​​​​Mykolaiv region, and then headed for the Odessa region.

Then, “marked” near the Moldovan border, the aircraft proceeded to the coastal village of Tuzla, returned to the urban settlement of Sarata and, passing Tiraspol, began to fly over the border area.

The aircraft then continued to fly over Ukrainian territory near the Moldovan border.

At about 21:00 Moscow time, an unidentified aircraft was in the airspace over the territory of the Kirovograd region of Ukraine, probably on the border with the Nikolaev region, where the route began. After that, the plane was no longer tracked on Flightradar.

Its average speed was just over 200 kilometers per hour.

According to Flightradar data, the aircraft was sending the wrong transponder code due to a malfunction or incorrect programming.

Transponders installed on the aircraft are used for identification by the aircraft’s air traffic controller. The dispatcher service responds to the secondary location request with a four-digit code. This code is given in advance by the dispatcher and set by the ship’s pilot on the transponder control panel. The controller on the positioning monitor sees the aircraft’s position with the code.

Source: Ria

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