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Post: German police expelled three Ukrainian women from shelter


Hamburg. archive photo

A Ukrainian refugee complained about his shelter in Hamburg and the actions of the German police.

MOSCOW, January 21 – RIA Novosti. Ukrainian refugee complained Die Tageszeitung, Die Tageszeitung broadcast about the actions of the German police, who threw him and two other Ukrainian women on the street at midnight after a clash at an immigrant shelter in Hamburg.

The case occurred in November last year while the proceedings were pending, and all the circumstances of what happened have not been fully clarified. According to the newspaper, the events of that day left “bitter memories” of the three Ukrainian women involved.

According to 32-year-old Inna, she was living in a shelter with other women. That evening, one of his neighbors got into a fight with another woman, and then security guards, including the shelter’s head of security, “jumped” into their tent without warning.

The head of the security service began to “shout” and demanded that those involved in the fighting leave the building, while the Ukrainians did not understand anything because they did not speak the language. Inna began filming the guards in response to the “aggression” of her bosses, and also asked her to leave the tent. As a result, the arriving police, describing it as a fight, kicked the three women out, and the guards did not let them back in. They had to spend the night in the park and were only allowed to return in the morning.

The next day, as Inna said, a search was made for alcohol in their tent, with no results. After that, Ukrainian women tried for two days to find out why they were taken to the streets, but they were unsuccessful. Police said all three were not “in a desperate situation”, while local officials said the guards had offered the Ukrainians to return to the shelter immediately, provided they followed the residency rules, which they had refused at the time.

“Inna is still in shock of what happened that night. She no longer feels safe and hopes for clarification of what happened,” sums up Die Tageszeitung.

According to the German Interior Ministry, just over a million refugees from Ukraine are registered in the country.

Source: Ria

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