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Post: Dodon says Sandu is pulling Moldova into NATO at the behest of the West


Moldovan President Maia Sandu. archive photo

Former Moldovan President Dodon: Sandu is pulling the country into NATO at the behest of the West

KISINEV, 21 January – RIA Novosti. Moldovan President Maia Sandu, by order of Western curators, is pulling the republic into NATO, despite the opposition of the people. thinks ex-president Igor Dodon.

The President of Moldova has repeatedly stated that the republic is neutral, but this article of the constitution can be revised if the public speaks in favor of rapprochement with NATO.

“Maia Sandu continues to lure Moldova into NATO – contrary to the neutrality stipulated in the Constitution and the will of the Moldovan people, who are categorically opposed to joining this military structure … At the behest of her overseas masters, she is acting against the interests of the country and its people, Moldovans. Against the sovereignty, territorial integrity and independence of the country”, – Dodon wrote on the telegram channel.

According to him, citizens of the republic want to maintain neutrality and peace, they will never agree to “become NATO’s cannon fodder in the fight against Russia.”

The country, which has a neutral status according to Moldova’s constitution, has been cooperating with NATO since 1994 as part of its individual partnership plan. According to opinion polls, the majority of Moldovan citizens oppose the republic’s accession to NATO.

Source: Ria

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