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Post: “Shameful circus”: French politician condemns Zelensky’s new request


Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky at a press conference in Washington. archive photo

French politician Filippo described Zelensky’s request for tanks from Paris as a “shameful circus”.

MOSCOW, January 22 – RIA Novosti. Florian Filippo, French politician and leader of the Patriots movement, recalls on Twitter an “embarrassing circus” when Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky promptly requested Leclerc tanks from France.

“Zelensky says that France needs Leclerc tanks, and adds: “We need it faster!” We are his adherents, are we? Will he soon begin to whistle at us? – wrote the politician.

Earlier, the Politico newspaper reported that France is considering transferring Leclerc tanks to Kiev, citing an unnamed French official.

Florian Filippo, the leader of the French “Patriots” movement, has repeatedly criticized Western countries for financial support to Ukraine and the supply of military equipment to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which prolongs the conflict in the Eastern European country. The politician called for the lifting of anti-Russian sanctions by the European Union. He called Brussels’ decisions in the energy sector “crazy” and the restrictive measures themselves “stupid”.

Since February 24, Moscow has been conducting a special military operation to demilitarize and demilitarize Ukraine. Vladimir Putin described his goal as “protecting people who have been subjected to eight years of bullying and genocide by the Kyiv regime.” The Armed Forces are faced with the task of liberating Donbass and guaranteeing Russia’s security.

Source: Ria

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