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Post: In Primorye, sailors’ classes have been adjusted due to abnormal frosts


Training center of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. archive photo

Classes at the Pacific Fleet’s training ground in Primorye have been adjusted due to severe frost

VLADIVOSTOK, January 23 – RIA Novosti. Classes at the training ground in Primorye for Marine Corps military personnel of the Pacific Fleet (Pacific Fleet) have been adjusted due to abnormal frosts coming to the area.

Forecasters had previously warned of abnormal frosts in the region. The storm warning lasts until January 26, and ships are still in danger of freezing. At night it will be minus 30…-38°C on the fringe, minus 40…-45°C in the far north, minus 21…-28°C on the coast and minus 27°C inland. 22 degrees below zero on Monday morning in Vladivostok during the day. Considering the strong wind and humidity, it feels like below minus 30°C. For schoolchildren in Vladivostok and Artyom, there is free participation in classes during the frost.

“Due to the sharp drop in air temperature in the Primorsky Territory, additional heating points were installed at the Bamburovo training ground for military personnel of the Pacific Fleet Marine Corps, and the time for open-air exercises was halved. In the next week, taking into account the current forecast, combat training at the training ground will be planned to prevent personnel from freezing. “Some of the classrooms, including medical and military-political education, have been moved to the facilities,” it said.

Fire and engineering trainings are organized by giving breaks to warm up the personnel, during these periods military personnel can drink hot tea.

Now the Marine Corps is firing with Kalashnikov assault rifles and RPG-7 handheld anti-tank grenade launchers. The new training period is based on the combat experience of a special military operation. After completing the training course, the soldiers will go to the NVO area. Marines who have been treated and rehabilitated after their injuries in the NVO region also receive training at the Bamburovo training ground.

Source: Ria

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