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Post: Ryabkov talked about disagreements with the West in the work of embassies


State flags of Russia and the USA. archive photo

Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Russia and the USA are united in the desire to normalize the work of the embassies, but the paths are different

MOSCOW, January 23 – RIA Novosti. Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said that the problem of normalization of relations between the Russian Federation and the USA overlaps, including the work of the embassies, but the parties have different visions on how this can be done.

“A new ambassador will come, apparently, with him the discussion of this issue will continue. Also, at the level of official representatives from Washington, we noted for ourselves public signals that one of their tasks will be to normalize and improve conditions. The functioning of diplomatic institutions,” Ryabkov told reporters.

“By the way, we agree with such a formulation of the issue. Another issue is that the paths to the normalization and improvement of the working conditions of embassies do not always coincide, or rather, as a rule, they do not coincide. There is a big difference between what we propose and the Americans “, – said Ryabkov.

Source: Ria

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