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Post: Czech Chancellor spoke about the supply of tanks from Germany


Tank Leopard 2. Archive photo

Premier Fiala: Czech Republic needs tanks from Germany to ensure its own safety

PRAGUE, January 24 – RIA Novosti. The tanks that Germany plans to supply to the Czech Republic in return for deliveries to Ukraine, the Czech Republic needs to ensure its own security, declaration Prime Minister Petr Fiala is in Berlin on Tuesday.

Germany had previously agreed to transfer 15 tanks of the obsolete Leopard 2A4 model to the Czech Republic and Slovakia as compensation for equipment previously supplied by these countries to Ukraine. Prague and Bratislava have already received one tank each in December 2022, the remaining tanks should be delivered later this year.

“We sent our T-72 tanks to Ukraine, so we agreed to support Germany to ensure the combat capability of our army,” České noviny quotes.

Source: Ria

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