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Post: “Tanks” prank on deputies supporting Ukraine in Georgia


Sputnik Georgia: Ruling party lawmakers jokingly gave toy tanks to dissidents

MOSCOW, January 25 – RIA Novosti. Özurgeti City Council deputies donate toy military equipment to opposition representatives Sputnik Georgia.

“Deputies from Özurgeti Sakrebulo (City Council) from the Georgian Dream in Power presented toy military equipment to the opposition United National Movement,” the agency’s publication says.

It was noted that the opposition party was accused of trying to open a second front in Georgia but failed. Instead, he was advised to use toys donated to the United National Movement in “in-party fighting”.

The National Movement sharply criticizes the authorities for refusing to impose sanctions on Russia and provide organized volunteers to Ukraine. At the same time, the party insists on holding early parliamentary elections and plans to hold mass protests to achieve the goal.

Source: Ria

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