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Post: Calls for mass voting in Tunisian elections


Tunisia (Union)

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Yesterday, the Let the People Win initiative asked Tunisians to vote en masse in the second round of next week’s legislative elections to give impetus to the next parliament.
On October 9 last year, politicians and civil society activists announced the “May the People Win” initiative in support of the July 25, 2021 path announced by President Qais Sayed.
Zuhair Hamdi, a member of the initiative, told a news conference in the capital Tunis: “Tunisians have no choice but to make a single donation on January 29 to vote en masse and give impetus to the next parliament.”
The spokesperson added that “it is true that legitimacy feels more comfortable with the greatest possible participation, but we are saying that the legitimacy achieved will increase electoral legitimacy”. Regarding the first round of elections, held on December 17, Hamdi said: “We have 7 candidates who ran for parliamentary elections and we have 72 who will fight in the second round”. Hamdi also warned of the “infiltration of corrupt lobbies in the next parliament”, saying: “The election had its problems and it is true that this is the least corrupt election of previous years.”

Source: Al Ittihad

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