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Post: Israel: New tough measures against families of perpetrators of attacks


Israel’s security cabinet announced on Saturday night that it would take steps to prevent Palestinian attacks, following two attacks in East Jerusalem, one of which killed seven people on Friday night.

At an emergency meeting on Saturday night, the security cabinet took “a series of measures … to make terrorists and their supporters pay the price,” an official statement said.

The text refers to the annulment of the right to social security of these families and refers that the Council of Ministers will consider on Sunday a bill that aims to annul the “Israeli identity cards” of this category of families.

Earlier in the meeting, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu promised a “strong” and “quick” response to the two attacks in East Jerusalem.

The announced measures are in line with the proposals of his far-right political partners, which allowed him to return to power at the end of December, after the legislative elections held a month earlier.

The measures are expected to apply primarily to Palestinians who have Israeli citizenship (Israeli Arabs, as designated by Israel) and to Palestinians who have resident status in East Jerusalem (the part of the city that is occupied and annexed by Israel). them a series of rights and obligations.

The mini-cabinet condemned the festive scenes in several Palestinian cities, following the announcement of the murder of seven people near a synagogue in the Jewish settlement of East Jerusalem.

The security cabinet also approved “measures to strengthen the settlements that will be presented this week,” the government said in a statement, without providing further details.

Source: EuroNews

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