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Post: How do you measure your real age without birth date?


When people talk about their age, they often refer to their date of birth, but a person can have a different biological age because their body can “age” prematurely due to unhealthy habits and the individual can still remain young. Play sports thanks to a healthy lifestyle and endurance.

Various Internet platforms allow you to measure a person’s real age based on various indicators such as weight, height, diet, exercise and sufficient sleep.

Among these sites is “”, which specializes in health issues, as it offers a test called “Find out your real age”.

By typing this address in the search engine, you will be directed to the platform, where you will see a list of questions and a detailed explanation of how to calculate the real age.

By answering each question, the advanced receives a certain score, which he must calculate or subtract a negative number.

And when in the latter you get a certain number, negative or positive, divide it by ten, then add your age according to your date of birth.

If you get a (-1) result, for example, it means your body is in better condition and you look a year younger.

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A person who turns 30, for example, gets a score of (-1), so that means you’re in the case of someone who turns 29 (-1+30=29).

But if the result is a positive number like 2, it means that your biological and real age is two years older, which means that you should reconsider your “bad” habits, because they affect your health.

When asking about sleep, for example, the points are as follows:

Add 7 points if you sleep a few hours, about 2 or 3 a night.
Add 5 points if you sleep soundly between 4 and 6 hours.
Discount of 4 points if you manage to sleep between 8 and 10 hours.

In addition to sleep, the test measures 13 other measures of actual age.

Body mass index based on weight and height.

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How many times a week do you eat red meat?
What is your education level?
If you are in a personal crisis, how many people can you expect to help you?
How many times a week do you exercise?
Are you a smoker, and at what rate?
What kind of food do you prefer?
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