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Post: Chinese expert explained why the US fears Russia, South Africa and China’s exercises


Joint Russian-Chinese military exercises. archive photo

Su Hao: US fears Russia, South Africa and China exercises will interfere with control of Indian Ocean

BEIJING, January 31 – RIA Novosti. While the joint naval exercises of South Africa, Russia and China, which will be held at the end of February, worry the USA, which is afraid of losing control in the Indian Ocean, for Moscow and Beijing, Su Hao, Head of the Center for Strategy and Peace Studies of the People’s Republic of China Diplomatic Academy, said that cooperation should be a strategic strategy. He said it was a normal part of the partnership.

According to the expert, China and Russia are world powers with global influence, so their cooperation can be reflected in various directions and geographical points.

“For China, the Indian Ocean and Africa are important areas for cooperation within the framework of One Belt, One Road. As strategic partners, I think we can realize such cooperation along the Belt and Road. Su Hao said that Russia and China have common interests because Russia is a part of China. He said he actively supports the “One Belt, One Road” initiative.

However, the expert noted that the US is very reluctant to see the success of the initiative, so Washington sees any close cooperation of China in the Belt and Road and especially in the regions along the Maritime Silk Road as a threat.

Reminding that Diego Garcia, the most important base of the US Navy, is here, Su Hao said, “The United States attaches great importance to the entire Indian Ocean.”

“This helps them control movement along the sea routes of the Indian Ocean. Therefore, the United States fears that the joint exercises of China and the Russian Federation off the coast of South Africa will jeopardize their control in the Indian Ocean.” concluded.

It was previously reported that the Republic of South Africa, Russia and China are planning to hold joint naval exercises off the east coast of South Africa between 17-27 February 2023. The US Embassy in South Africa said Washington was concerned about such plans. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that he did not understand why military exercises with Chinese and South African partners could cause a “mixed reaction” from the public, and that the US exercises on the Chinese coast did not raise any questions.

Source: Ria

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