Post: UK’s biggest strike in ten years

Postal workers protest in front of the Houses of Parliament in London. archive photo

Nearly half a million people in the UK prepare to protest

MOSCOW, February 1 – RIA Novosti. The biggest strike of the decade will take place in the UK on Wednesday, with as many as half a million people expected to protest for higher wages.

According to British media, hundreds of thousands of workers from different regions will stage protests, which will be the largest in a decade.

The main group of strikers will be education workers: more than 300,000 teachers in England and Wales will demand higher salaries amid the country’s crisis. This will be the largest teachers’ strike in history, affecting more than 23,000 schools. They will be joined by 70,000 employees from 150 British universities.

In addition, at least 100,000 British civil servants will meet on Wednesday in what will be the largest public sector strike in many years. The strike will be organized by employees from 123 organizations, including numerous ministries, government departments, institutions and departments.

The performances will also be staged by tens of thousands of transport workers, including train drivers from the ASLEF union and RMT members from 14 railway companies. Transport workers’ protests will support around 1.9,000 bus drivers in London.

There is a strike wave in the UK amid record inflation. Railroad workers, lawyers, airport workers, postmen, and workers in other areas are coming out to protest. After the special operation initiated by the Russian Federation in Ukraine, the West increased the pressure on Russia for sanctions. The disruption of supply chains has increased fuel and food prices in Europe and the US. Rising cost of living in the UK has hit millions of households.

Source: Ria

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