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Post: “Not much left”. Scholz predicted collapse due to Russia decision


German Chancellor Olaf Scholz. archive photo

Former Pentagon adviser McGregor: Chancellor Scholz will fire him for his decision on Russia

MOSCOW, February 2 – RIA Novosti. Former Pentagon adviser Colonel Douglas McGregor said that German Chancellor Olaf Scholz ended his political career after his decision to supply tanks to Ukraine. Youtube channel.

“Most people in Germany were horrified (due to the announcement of the arms supply to the Ukrainian Armed Forces. – Approx. Ed.). The Germans have experience and they know their history. They know when Berlin and Moscow cooperate and do business with each other. He said he lived in peace.

For him, the First and Second World Wars that led to the conflict between Russia and Germany were a tragedy and prompted Berlin to create mechanisms designed to prevent similar conflicts with Moscow in the future.

“I can’t imagine Chancellor (Helmut. – Ed.) Kohl or Chancellor (Helmut) Schmidt standing up and calling for this corrupt gangster regime in Kiev to kill their own people by sending equipment. Scholz won’t last long,” said McGregor.

At the end of January, the German government announced the transfer of Leopard 2 tanks to the Ukrainian Armed Forces, and there was strong pressure on Scholz to make a positive decision on this matter as soon as possible. Berlin will form two battalions, at the first stage the Ukrainian troops will be provided with 14 Leopard 2 type A6 companies from the Bundeswehr reserves. In addition, it is planned to organize the training of experts. The new aid package will also include logistics, ammunition and system maintenance.

Against the background of Russia’s special operation in Ukraine, the United States and its NATO allies support Kiev with tens of billions of dollars in weapons supplies. Moscow has repeatedly said that the transfer of Western weapons only prolongs the conflict, and the transport of weapons has become a legitimate target for the Russian army.

Source: Ria

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