Post: The Ministry of Defense showed firing from the latest T-90M “Breakthrough” tanks

Tank T-90M “Breakthrough”. archive photo

The Ministry of Defense has released a video shot of the latest T-90M “Breakthrough” tanks.

MOSCOW, February 3 – RIA Novosti. The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation has released a video of the shooting range from the latest model T-90M Proryv main tanks used by the Russian Armed Forces in the special operations zone in Ukraine.

The video shows how a group of tanks moves along parallel routes at a training ground in the Leningrad Region and fires 125 millimeter guns at a rogue enemy in motion. Shooting is carried out by the soldiers of the tank units of the Western Military District.

As noted in the episode, during the shooting, tankers practiced hitting targets at distances up to 5 kilometers. The targets were imitating the enemy’s armored vehicles, manpower and aircraft. New vehicle drivers in the tankodrom completed the overcoming of natural and artificial obstacles.

The T-90M “Breakthrough” tank is a deep modernization of the T-90 type tanks with increased protection, improved combat and operational characteristics. The vehicle is equipped with a new combat turret module, a highly automated digital fire control system with various types of aiming and climate control.

The video was broadcast on the RIA Novosti telegram channel.

Source: Ria

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