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Post: Zakharova comments on the words of EU officials after the summit in Kiev


Maria Zakharova, spokesperson for the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. archive photo

Zakharova: The words of the Brussels officials after the summit in Kiev invalidate the principles of the EU

MOSCOW, February 4 – RIA Novosti. One official said that the statements made by European Union officials after the Ukraine-EU summit completely exceeded the principles on which the European Union was once built. representative Russian Foreign Minister Maria Zakharova.

“The event held in Kiev on February 3 confirms once again that the European Union continues to recklessly support the neo-Nazi regime in Kiev in order to weaken Russia and serve the hegemonic aspirations of the United States and NATO,” Zaharova said. On the website of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

“This completely strikes down the principles on which the EU was once built,” Zakharova said.

The Foreign Ministry representative added that calls for peace are hypocritical in a situation where EU officials speak of their readiness to invest in arms supplies and to continue hostilities. No less hypocritical are the calls for peace in conditions where the “EU sheep” have declared that they are ready to invest in the continuation of hostilities “for how long” … Increased funding for the conflict, the supply of new weapons Zakharova, expansion of training programs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, training camps “All this leads to an increase in the number of victims of conflict, including the civilian population,” he said.

The EU-Ukraine summit was held in Kiev on Friday. After the meeting, the leaders of the European institutions pledged to continue support for Ukraine, impose more sanctions against Russia, work on the “mechanism for the prosecution of the crime of aggression” and examine the use of frozen Russian assets to restore Ukraine. At the same time, regarding Ukraine’s rapid accession to the EU, EU leaders restrained themselves and stressed that there are no strict timeframes for such a process and that Ukraine still needs to carry out reforms.

Source: Ria

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