WorldUS closed part of airspace because of China balloon

US closed part of airspace because of China balloon


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Hot air balloon in the sky over USA. Video frame from social networks. archive photo

ABC: US ​​closes airspace over states where Chinese balloon flies

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WASHINGTON, February 4 – RIA Novosti. The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) on Saturday suspended the operation of three airports and closed airspace in various parts of the states of North and South Carolina, the TV channel reported. A B C.

According to these data, the decision was taken on the basis of “initiatives in the field of national security”. Similar information is provided by the Fox News channel. It is not specified in connection with what special measures were taken.

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A Chinese balloon was spotted near the city of Charlotte in North Carolina on Saturday, as American media previously reported. Commenting on the situation with the presence of this device in US airspace, President Joe Biden promised to “handle it”.

Earlier, ABC television channel, citing US officials, stated that the US was investigating the possibility of downing a Chinese balloon in its airspace while over the Atlantic Ocean.

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On Thursday, a Pentagon spokesperson said a blimp had been detected over the United States. The military said it belonged to China. The head of US diplomacy, Anthony Blinken, announced that he has decided to postpone his planned visit to the Chinese capital on Sunday in connection with the incident related to the PRC bubble. Blinken said the US has informed China at various levels. At the same time, the Foreign Minister refused to announce new dates and made it clear that it would be premature to talk about it before the current case is resolved. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Mao Ning urged not to speculate on the “Chinese spy bubble”. While the State Department said the balloon had seriously deviated from its course due to the wind, Beijing regretted that it had passed over the United States.

Source: Ria

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