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Post: The British, separated from his family, was detained after arguing with the Ukrainian Karkadym.


Sofia Karkadym and Anthony Garnett. archive photo

Daily Mail: Briton Garnett, who abandoned his family, detained after quarreling with Ukrainian Karkadym

MOSCOW, February 5 – RIA Novosti. British Anthony Garnett, who left his wife and daughters for Ukrainian refugee Sofia Karkadym, surrendered herself to the police after a ‘stormy’ showdown with her lover. informs Daily mail.

The incident occurred Saturday night in Bradford, West Yorkshire. He was playing an online video game with his six-year-old daughter when she and Karkady started swearing and shouting.

According to The Daily Mail, citing a source, Karkadym is “young and wants a child with Tony. But she had a vasectomy and that caused tensions.”

Arriving police found Garnett in an aggressive situation and arrested him for possible disorderly conduct. He was released after more than six hours in detention, however, after law enforcement became convinced he had “calmed down”.

Briton Garnett’s story was covered in the media: 22-year-old Ukrainian refugee Karkadym left his wife ten days after being placed with them as part of the state refugee program. The couple later separated. The man accused the girl of abusing alcohol and interfering with her relationship with children. He was subsequently detained for trying to kick the door of his ex-girlfriend’s house. In early October, the girl went to her hometown of Lvov.

Later in December, the couple got back together.

Source: Ria

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