WorldProtests in Italy turn into clashes with police

Protests in Italy turn into clashes with police


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A police officer rides a motorcycle on a street in Rome. archive photo

RaiNews24: Anarchist demonstrations were held in Italy that led to clashes with the police

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ROME, February 5 – RIA Novosti. Italian anarchist demonstrations that resulted in clashes with the police took place in Milan and Rome on Saturday evening. reported news channel RaiNews24.

Activists of a number of anarchist organizations held marches to protest the detention of their partner Alfredo Cospito in a maximum security prison. He is serving a 30-year sentence for organizing a series of extremist actions and was held in a prison in Sardinia until recently. In October, Cospito went on a hunger strike to protest the conditions of his detention, since then his weight has decreased by 45 kilograms.

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The lawyers’ petition for the easing of the detention regime is being evaluated by the judicial investigation authorities. A group of cultural figures sent a petition to the Italian Minister of Justice on Monday, demanding that the prisoner’s death be prevented and that the restraining order be eased. Last week, Cospito was transferred to the Opera prison in Milan, where there are better conditions for treatment.

On Saturday evening, about 200 anarchists held a rally in support of Cospito in front of the Opera prison. A group of demonstrators approached the protected area of ​​the prison and started throwing stones and smoke bombs there. Law enforcement turned the demonstrators away.

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Anarchists then staged an unsanctioned protest in the Italian capital. According to the police, this regiment included about 800 people who were very aggressive. They also started throwing smoke bombs and tried to set up barricades to block off one of the entrances to a major highway in the city. As a result, the protesters clashed with law enforcement, during which two demonstrators were injured. Three anarchists have been arrested, according to RaiNews24.

A similar unauthorized anarchist demonstration was held in central Rome a week ago, resulting in clashes between protesters and law enforcement. Then, in Rome’s questura (police department), RIA Novosti reported that more than 40 people were detained.

In December, anarchist demonstrations in support of Cospito were held in Turin, Bologna, Rome, as well as some major cities in Europe and Latin America. His supporters are suspected of committing multiple acts of vandalism against Italian diplomatic institutions, primarily in Athens, Barcelona and Berlin. Foreign Minister, Deputy Prime Minister Antonio Tajani said that such criminal acts and manifestations of violence “will not intimidate the Italian state” during the demonstrations.

Source: Ria

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