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Post: A fighter from the Wagner group said that the Armed Forces of Ukraine used civilians for reconnaissance.


Soldiers of the PMC “Wagner”. archive photo

Fighter of the Wagner group: Ukrainian troops in Artemivsk use civilians for reconnaissance

ARTEMOVSK (DPR), February 5 – RIA Novosti. A fighter from the Wagner group told RIA Novosti correspondents that during the attack on Artemovsk he repeatedly encountered the fact that the Ukrainian troops in Artemovsk used civilians for reconnaissance.

“They put civilians in uniforms, there’s an intersection, about a kilometer and a half. They run along the intersection, you see civilians in military uniforms. They run, they run back. They change civilians into military uniforms, push them into the intersection, they dance there, then they come back. They scout,” he said. . He also noted that the Ukrainian army did this to determine firing points.

The agency’s interlocutor noted that the use of such a human shield greatly complicates the attack on the city, as it limits the use of artillery. Since there are usually civilians in the basements, it is also difficult to evacuate the buildings.

“Recently, a man covered a woman here. She died with a piece of shrapnel in her head. They took the elderly and children out of there. As we move forward, more civilians are coming out,” he said.

Source: Ria

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