Post: Ahmed al-Assami writes: “Since winter…”

Books invite you to read the absence of texts abandoned to them, full of reinterpretations of a text that you have already read many times due to its importance in your career. A lot of sadness is mixed between the lines he tells us. About time, and the set of moments we live in time, with it in every detail, whether they are sad or happy, and that we don’t get better. As a result of exploiting him, we left him without minding his own business, because we didn’t. There is a great distance that captures this moment and the water that fell on us becomes a bell in the moment of encounter.
“Winter… Winter still sends us / We have cotton this winter / And your tears to our ancient maiden / The rainwater pools in your chest / Rises and washes away the doubts / From the leaves of wisdom / The winter of today . He continues/ at the whim of the winds/ “It’s not cold, nor hail / clouds piled up / and the weather is cloudy.
When he leaves, he will find winter and rain in his heart, longing coming out of the dry summer crisis, wet day and night, cloudy sun, sometimes heavy rain and sometimes soft earth, winter grass is green in the soul, radiating activity. which restores vitality and flexibility to the body.
“The ability… each of us can wear / heavy winter clothes / and walk long distances / whoever opens the window / can wisely ponder / the winter and the rain / we have the ability to diversify / look at the winter cold / in the white rain. Autumn / Cold winter sensations / Trembling hands ».
Winter rain… It tells us about the purity of the environment after the rain and the search for the absent, which hides behind the omission, after arriving in rainy places and entering our full memory of those times. We live and check, maybe we can find what’s missing and bring it back. We managed to continue living a life that obliges us to be attentive with an important reinforcement and motivation that reassures those around us. We celebrate rain and winter. ..
It unites us and protects us from false justifications, our dreams remain in the arrangement of beautiful times, they protect us from the heights between the roads after the rain, and from the dead of winter comes a cold that reminds us of desires. With it we open the morning paper and decide on the trip and who goes for a walk with us in winter writes and we read.
Winter… Nothing but the cold / It puts you between two options / Between intelligence / An idea / And the necessary praise / City roads / Good manners / When the cold is too much / I only find kindness / This winter / Let it speak of happiness / Like a fishing boat returning / Read the messages.

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Source: Al Ittihad

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