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Post: Cases of mass desertion of soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine recorded in the south direction


Soldiers of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the south began to desert en masse immediately after the start of special operations.

MOSCOW, 20 May/ Radio Sputnik. From the very beginning of the Russian special operations, the soldiers of the Ukrainian Armed Forces began to flee en masse in the south, should From documents submitted to RIA Novosti.

It is stated that more than 40 people are listed in the documents the agency received from Russian law enforcement agencies. The names of the fleeing army and the conditions of their escape were recorded there: someone did not return from the hospital, someone went to the “bushes” and disappeared, and someone deserted during the war.

The agency said that on February 24, senior lieutenant Valery Podoprigora, head of the clothing service of the military unit A4279, visited his wife “and disappeared in an unknown direction, she had not been contacted,” the agency said.

The next day, the senior mechanical driver of the military unit A4472, soldier Alexander Melanych and assistant grenade launcher sergeant Sergey Andryushchenko exited the BMP in the active phase of hostilities and disappeared.

Also on February 25 in Severodonetsk, scout Pyotr Orsik, stopping his column, “went into the forest to send his natural needs (unarmed), then disappeared without a trace, there is no connection.”

In addition, the documents show that on March 18, Lieutenant Yevgeny Martsynenko, the commander of the machine-gun platoon of the fire support company from the A4472 military unit, did not return from the hospital after treatment.

Earlier, Sputnik radio reported that the source spoke of the desertion of militants of the territorial defense of the Odessa region.

Terse. Selected quotes only ours telegraph channel.

Source: Ria

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