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Post: Russia’s Deputy Representative to the UN explained why the global crisis was caused


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Anna Evstigneeva: The global crisis stems from the desire to maintain a unipolar world order

UN, 7 February – RIA Novosti. Anna Evstigneeva, the Russian Federation’s Deputy Ambassador to the UN, in her speech at a meeting, said that the current global crisis is connected with the desire of some countries to maintain a unipolar world order and prevent the formation of a fair system of international relations. General Assembly.

“The world today is going through a deep systemic crisis, the main causes of which are well known. They are associated with the desire of a number of states to maintain a unipolar world order with all their forces and prevent the formation of a new fair system of international relations,” said Evstigneeva.

According to him, individual players are “sharpened” to conduct dialogue from a position of superiority, to impose the “right of the fittest”, to replace the universal norms of international law with a “rules-based world order”, and by multilateral mechanisms, state clubs are “sharpened” for their geopolitical interests.

As Evstigneeva points out, the current situation has a far-reaching impact on both Member States and the UN system as a whole.

“Sustainability and its effectiveness in fulfilling its mandate, one of the key elements of which is conflict prevention, is undergoing a serious test. Unfortunately, despite the challenges of a critical time, it has become clear that the UN cannot cope with this mission,” he added.

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