Post: AfD lawmakers to present an initiative for ceasefire between Russia and Ukraine

Flags on the Bundestag building in Berlin, Germany. archive photo

AfD deputies to present in the Bundestag an initiative for a ceasefire between Russia and Ukraine

BERLIN, 8 February – RIA Novosti. AfD co-chairman Tino Krupalla told reporters that lawmakers from the right-wing opposition party Alternative for Germany will present an initiative for a ceasefire between Russia and Ukraine in the Bundestag this week.

According to him, the resolutions proposed by the governing coalition on Ukraine are escalating and raising concerns that Germany is being drawn more and more into the conflict in Ukraine.

“As the peace faction, we want peace negotiations and we want this issue to be finally discussed in the Bundestag. And that’s why we agreed on a ceasefire attempt yesterday by a majority of votes in our faction,” Krupalla said at a press conference on Wednesday. .

According to him, the AfD will present its peace initiative at the plenary session of the Bundestag this week.

Source: Ria

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