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Post: Family of cameraman killed by Alec Baldwin on set sues actor


Hollywood actor Alec Baldwin. archive photo

The family of the female cameraman killed on set by Alec Baldwin has sued the actor.

MOSCOW, February 10 – RIA Novosti. The family of Ukrainian cameraman Galina Hutchins has filed a lawsuit against actor Alec Baldwin, who was accused of deliberately killing a woman during the filming of a film in the USA. SHS.

In early February, Baldwin was charged with manslaughter for manslaughter by the New Mexico State Attorney’s Office. In October 2022, Baldwin and the deceased woman’s husband, Matthew Hutchins, announced that they had settled in the shooting case. According to the lawyer, this agreement did not represent the interests of other members of the Galina Hutchins family.

Lawyer Gloria Allred announced on Thursday that a civil lawsuit has been filed against Baldwin on behalf of the Hutchins family – his mother Olga Solovey, father Anatoly Androsovich and younger sister Svetlana Zemko.

Hutchins’ parents and sister live in Ukraine. “It’s clear to us that all of our clients’ relationships have been damaged and that they won’t be able to enjoy life as much as they did when their precious Galina was alive… And Mr. Baldwin didn’t even apologize. Them,” the lawyer told the press. -conferences.

He noted that the civil case would continue regardless of the outcome of the criminal case.

In October 2021, Baldwin fired a pistol that turned out to be loaded with real ammunition, not blanks, during a rehearsal on the western “Rast” set. As a result, Ukrainian Hutchins died, director Joel Souza was seriously injured. The actor stated that the cameraman did not pull the trigger of the gun with which he was killed. According to him, the shooting took place spontaneously.

Source: Ria

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