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Post: Former Moldovan Prime Minister Filat does not see Gavrilitsa’s resignation voluntarily


Natalya Gavrilitsa. archive photo

Former Moldovan PM Filat: Gavrilitsa’s resignation as head of government was not voluntary

CHISINAU, February 10 – RIA Novosti. The departure of Natalia Gavrilitsa from the post of head of government of Moldova was not voluntary, the former prime minister of the republic believes that she was inspired by this step. Vlad Filat.

Moldovan Prime Minister Gavrilitsa announced on Friday that she is stepping down as head of government. The entire government, along with the prime minister, automatically resigns.

In an interview, Filat said, “It’s too late to go. The government, which has failed to achieve its goal, should be replaced by a determined plenipotentiary who can solve the problems. We should also make it clear: Ms. Gavrilitsa did not go, she did.” with Nord News.

According to him, not everyone in the Action and Solidarity party agrees with this resignation because Gavrilitsa is part of the political power and President Maia Sandu easily rejected it. The former prime minister noted that this is not the first time the country’s president has left his associates.

“Those who listen and implement the President’s instruction, especially those who engage in justice, should not forget that the time will come and they will be treated in the same way, they will be used when the time comes, and they will be held responsible after that.” for everything on your shoulders,” Filat added.

On Friday, it was learned that Sandu nominated former Interior Minister Dorin Recean, his adviser on security and national defense, as its candidate for prime minister. Igor Grosu, leader of the ruling Action and Solidarity party, pledged his support in the name of political power.

Source: Ria

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