Post: Moldovan MP explains the reason for the “reset” of the country’s government

People passing by the Moldovan Government building in Chisinau. archive photo

Moldovan MP Marian: Government “restarted” due to security risks

CHISINAU, February 10 – RIA Novosti. A lawmaker from the ruling Action and Solidarity party said Moldovan authorities had decided that the Moldovan government should be changed so that the cabinet was more disciplined and better responded to security threats. radu marian.

Moldovan Prime Minister Gavrilitsa announced on Friday that she is stepping down as head of government. The entire government, along with the prime minister, automatically resigns.

“We (the president and the ruling party – ed.) have come to the conclusion that we need to overload the government team in the context of a very difficult security situation … To establish more discipline, Marian, in the broadcast of the Pro TV channel, focused on security, the economy, and also on our strategic goal of European integration. focus.

According to him, the new government should be established as soon as possible and get to work as soon as possible.

“We decided it was necessary to reconsider the priorities of what the government should do. We must maintain peace and security, we must reject threats and risks to Moldova’s security, this will be done better by the new government,” the MP said.

On Friday, it was learned that Sandu nominated former Interior Minister Dorin Recean, his adviser on security and national defense, as its candidate for prime minister. Igor Grosu, leader of the ruling Action and Solidarity party, expressed his support on behalf of the political force.

Source: Ria

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