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Post: An eyewitness told how the Ukrainian army destroyed Soledar


Destroyed residential buildings in Soledar. archive photo

Eyewitness: The enemy, leaving Soledar, destroyed the city, citing it as the actions of Russia

LUGANSK, February 12 – RIA Novosti. The Ukrainian army, withdrawing from Soledar, told RIA Novosti that a local resident evacuated from the city destroyed the surviving buildings and transport infrastructure, citing them as actions by the Russian side.

“I was returning from the market – the bridge blew up. They (who destroyed the object – ed.) did not introduce themselves, they just spoke … not entirely in Russian. But it was heard (among them – ed.) Americans, because there was a dark-skinned woman (correspondent – ed.) One Soledar resident, who introduced himself as Vasily Viktorovich, said they wanted to call it there that they were Russian.

According to him, they wanted to accuse the Russian army of destroying civilian objects with such actions.

“We have Artyom Street. They burned houses there with magnesium lighters (flammable bullets – ed.). They also wanted them to say they were Russians. !” – said the agency’s source. He was expelled from Soledar with his navigator in January, after the city was liberated by the Wagner group with the support of the Russian Armed Forces. The evacuees were taken to a safe place and placed in temporary shelters.

Source: Ria

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