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Post: Wagner said that Kiev is throwing new forces at the defense of Artemivsk.


Building in the center of Artemovsk (Bakhmut). archive photo

Fighter of the Wagner group: Ukraine deploys additional forces for the defense of Artemivsk

ARTEMOVSK (DPR), February 13 – RIA Novosti. A fighter from the Wagner group told RIA Novosti that the Ukrainian command is deploying additional forces in Artemivsk (Ukrainian name Bakhmut), where there are battles in the Donbass.

“Mostly mobilized ones are brought in, they are thrown out. Their main task is to destroy us as much as possible,” the source said. According to him, the Ukrainian command continues to transfer equipment and weapons to this part of the front. He explained that this happens mostly at night.

“You see, now the equipment is moving towards Artemovsk,” the fighter told RIA Novosti correspondents working in the city about the movement of the equipment.

Artemovsk (Ukrainian name – Bakhmut) is located in the Kiev-controlled part of the DPR north of the large city of Gorlovka and is an important transport hub for supplying the Ukrainian contingent in Donbass. Fierce battles continue for the city.

Source: Ria

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