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Post: Biden announces strengthening alliances with close partners


US President Joe Biden. archive photo

President Biden: US will strengthen alliances with close partners

Seoul, May 20 – RIA Novosti. US President Joe Biden visited a Samsung factory in South Korea. declarationThe speech, which stated that the USA will strengthen its alliances with its close partners to secure its supply chains and will not be dependent on countries that do not share American values, was broadcast by the White House on YouTube.

US President Joe Biden arrived in South Korea on Friday for his first summit with new President Yoon Seok-yeol. The first stop of Biden’s Asian tour, which included South Korea and Japan on May 20-24, was South Korea.

Biden’s Air Force One plane landed at Osan Air Force Base in Pyeongtaek after the American president went to the Samsung chip manufacturing facility in the same city where he met with Yoon Seok Yeol. The leaders of the countries were joined by Lee Jae-yong, the original chairman of “Samsung”, who read the keynote speech, after which the presidents themselves addressed the audience.

“Now… there is more visibility into the need to secure our critical supply chains so that our economic and national security does not depend on countries that do not share our values. I think the most important component of how we do this is to work with close partners who share our values, such as the Republic of Korea… and to build on strengthening our cooperation in every field”.

He also thanked Samsung for investing in the United States, building a new facility there, and creating jobs for American citizens, noting how important semiconductors are to the development of human technology. The president also expressed hope that a bilateral US innovation law would soon be passed to ensure federal investment in research and development in this area.

According to experts, a visit to the Samsung industrial campus in Pyeongtaek should demonstrate Washington’s desire to strengthen technology cooperation with Seoul and create new supply chains for semiconductors, bypassing China.

Source: Ria

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