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Post: American colonel mocks Pentagon’s hopes for Ukraine’s spring plan


The artillery of the Russian troops is firing at the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. archive photo

Former Pentagon adviser McGregor says NATO has no ammo for Ukraine

MOSCOW, February 15 – RIA Novosti. American Colonel Douglas MacGregor in an interview with his YouTube channel Judging Freedom Pentagon chief Lloyd Austin’s call to increase arms supplies to Ukraine was meaningless.

“We don’t have any ammo to send. We’ve reached the limit, our own stocks are rapidly running out,” McGregor said.

He said that Western countries also lack the capacity to reproduce the required number of weapons, so NATO cannot provide more equipment to the Armed Forces.

Austin said Wednesday afternoon that the challenge facing the United States and its allies is to give Ukraine everything it needs to achieve “decisive success” in the counterattack expected in the spring.

Source: Ria

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