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Post: “Missing”. Attacked Biden because of “Chernobyl in Ohio” in the United States


Train accident in Ohio, USA. archive photo

Fox News reporter Laren accuses Biden of inaction over chemical accident in Ohio

MOSCOW, February 16 – RIA Novosti. Political commentator and Fox News reporter Tomi Laren tweeted that US President Joe Biden was focusing on Ukraine rather than dealing with the chemical accident in Ohio.

“A real crisis is breaking out in Ohio, and Joe (Biden. – Approx. ed.) and Pete (U.S. Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg. – Approx. ed.) are missing. Maybe if the train had derailed in Ukraine and exploded, they wouldn’t have done it.” I don’t care!” he protested.

In early February, an event called “Chernobyl in Ohio” occurred in the United States. There was a major railroad accident near the eastern Palestinian town that overturned, caught fire and exploded chemical tanks.

Despite authorities’ calls to calm down, US environmental activists attributed the deaths of fish and pets to the incident, and also voiced concerns about the spread of hazardous substances in the water and air. Emergency services had to evacuate about one and a half thousand citizens from the houses adjacent to the accident scene. The Washington Post noted that some were afraid to return, while many outside the evacuation zone had left their homes.

Source: Ria

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