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Post: Moldovan opposition to appeal to Constitutional Court over government appointment


The building of the residence of the President of Moldova in Chisinau. archive photo

Moldovan opposition to appeal to Constitutional Court for violation of government appointment procedure

KISINEV, 16 February – RIA Novosti. Vlad Batryncha, deputy speaker of the parliament and leader of political power, said that Moldova’s communist and socialist opposition bloc will appeal to the Constitutional Court because it believes the procedure for appointing a new government has been violated.

Moldovan Prime Minister Natalia Gavrilitsa announced her resignation on February 10. With him, the entire government automatically resigned. President Maia Sandu has named former Interior Minister Dorin Recean, his adviser in the field of security and national defense, as its candidate for prime minister. On Thursday, the Moldovan Parliament is considering the approval of the new Cabinet.

“The bloc of communists and socialists will appeal to the Constitutional Court for imitation of consultations and violation of the procedure for appointing the government,” Batryncha said at a parliamentary meeting. said.

The vice president expressed dissatisfaction with the ruling party’s decision to limit lawmakers’ right to speak about the appointment of a new prime minister. The parliamentary majority approved the statute changes, in which each of the three groups had to elect only two speakers. There is usually no limit to the number of speakers and they can broadcast for up to seven minutes. In response, the opposition exercised its right to a 30-minute recess.

At the same time, the administration of the President of Moldova has already announced the inauguration of the new government.

Source: Ria

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