NATO to support Moldova in defense against hybrid attacks

Flags of NATO member states at the organization’s headquarters in Brussels. archive photo

Deputy Secretary General Joana: NATO will support Moldova in defense against hybrid attacks

KISINEV, 17 February – RIA Novosti. NATO will provide support to Moldova to protect against “hybrid attacks”, declaration Mircea Geoana, Deputy Secretary General of the Alliance.

In early February, Moldovan Prime Minister Natalia Gavrilitsa said during her visit to Brussels that Chisinau had completed negotiations with the NATO bloc “on the implementation of a program to strengthen its defense capabilities.” She received assurances from Joana that the alliance would provide such support. A few days after the meeting, Gavrilitsa resigned as prime minister. On Thursday, the Moldovan parliament approved the new head of government, Dorin Recean, who announced continued cooperation with NATO.

“At a meeting of NATO defense ministers in Brussels, it was decided to provide Moldova with a non-lethal aid package that Chisinau had previously requested to meet the challenges of a hybrid war. We do not speak. Geoană, Moldovan television channel TV, financed by the US government. “The relief package aims to promote resilience, promote communication, and fight fraud and propaganda,” he said in an interview with -8.

The Deputy Secretary General of NATO stressed that Moldovan President Sandu and his government had previously requested military assistance, but that the alliance would not provide such support directly. According to Joana, a number of NATO countries have a corresponding response.

“This is not done through NATO, the alliance is a mediator and I am pleased that Britain, Germany, Romania have responded to this call,” said the alliance’s deputy secretary general.

Earlier, Sandu had told Politico that the country had to give up its neutrality to join a major military alliance. The newspaper noted that Sandu did not specifically mention NATO, but had repeatedly stated that the neutrality clause of the constitution could be revised if the people favored rapprochement with the North Atlantic alliance. Also, representatives of the Ministry of Defense of Moldova stated that they want to strengthen the country’s defense capabilities and buy weapons for it, in particular, we are talking about the need to create an air defense system.

The country, which has a neutral status according to the Moldovan constitution, has been cooperating with NATO since 1994 within the framework of the individual partnership plan. According to opinion polls, the majority of Moldovan citizens oppose the republic’s accession to NATO.

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