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Post: The head of the Moldovan parliament acknowledges the possibility of imposing sanctions on Russia


Igor Grosu. archive photo

The head of the Moldovan parliament, Grosu, agreed that sanctions could be imposed on Russia.

KISINEV, 17 February – RIA Novosti. Igor Grosu, President of the Moldovan Parliament and chairman of the ruling Action and Solidarity party declarationHe said that the country’s authorities may return to the issue of imposing sanctions on Russia, which he postponed before in the name of the country’s interests.

Earlier, Moldovan President Maia Sandu had said that Moldova partially participated in the sanctions against Russia, especially in the banking sector. At the same time, the country did not implement all the anti-Russian measures proposed by the European Union to protect the interests of its citizens.

Speaking on TV8, Grosu said, “We have already participated in some EU sanctions (against Russia – ed.), we have explained which we cannot participate in and why, but that does not mean that we will not return to these collective obligations.”

He also noted that the republic is analyzing which of the agreements with the CIS should be maintained and which should be withdrawn. Agreements are currently under review at the level of relevant ministries.

Earlier, the country’s authorities have already mentioned the need to discuss whether it makes sense for the country to stay in the CIS. Moldovan parliament spokesman Igor Grosu said in July that Chisinau should seriously consider withdrawing from the organisation. Moldova ignored the recent CIS and EAEU meetings, where it was an observer.

Source: Ria

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