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Post: Israel is caught between judicial reform and a coup against the authorities. The US ambassador advises Netanyahu to use the “brake”.


US Ambassador to Israel Tom Naides said the US government is urging Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to stop changes to the judicial system designed to increase the government’s influence in the election of judges and limit the power of the supreme authority. Judiciary, including the annulment of laws or sanctions against the Executive. Addressing Netanyahu, Naides said: “Slow down and try to reach consensus and bring the parties closer.”

“We are saying to the Prime Minister, as I tell my children… put on the brakes, slow down, try to reach consensus and bring the parties together,” Ambassador Tom Nides said in a podcast called “The X-Files”. which aired late on CNN. on Saturday.”

The Israeli ambassador also commented on the US government’s frustration with Israel regarding settlement establishment and the recent provocative visit by Israeli National Security Minister Itamar Ben Gvir to the Al-Aqsa Mosque.

The US ambassador said the nature of his country’s relationship with the Jewish state gives him the ability, if necessary, to tell Israel it must work towards better goals than the Netanyahu government is doing now.

Neides emphasized US support for Israel on security issues and at the United Nations, but said Netanyahu’s stated hopes of establishing diplomatic relations with Saudi Arabia or dealing with Iran’s nuclear program were at risk.

Israel’s parliament (Knesset) will vote on Monday in the first of three hearings on a bill that would increase the government’s influence in selecting judges and limit the Supreme Court’s power to strike down laws or rule against the executive.

Source: EuroNews

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