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Post: Ukrainian army bombed Pervomaiskoye, Novoselovka-2 and Maryinka


Shell pieces. archive photo

JCCC DPR: AFU fired 22 mines and 12 shells at Pervomaisky, Novoselovka-2 and Maryinka

DONETSK, February 20 – RIA Novosti. Ukrainian troops fired a total of 22 mines and 12 shells at Pervomaisky, Novoselovka-2 and Marinka in an hour and a half on Monday, the DPR office at the Joint Center for Control and Coordination of Ukraine’s War Crimes Issues reported. (SCCC).

“The fish were recorded by the VFU (armed formations of Ukraine – ed.) in the directions … 10.10 (Coinciding with Moscow time – ed.) – Krasnogorovka settlement – Novoselovka-2 settlement: eight mines were fired with a caliber of 120 millimeters; 10.25 – Krasnogorovka settlement – Marinka settlement: four rounds of 122 mm caliber were fired.”

The representative office added that at 10.30 Moscow time and 11.10 Moscow time, Ukrainian troops fired 10 mines of 120 millimeter caliber along Pervomaisky. Also, at 10:05 Moscow time, Ukrainian soldiers fired three shots from a tank at Pervomaisky.

Also, at 11:05 Moscow time, Ukrainian troops hit Novoselovka-2 with five 152 mm shells, at 11:30 Moscow time four 120 mm mines at Maryinka, and at 11:40 Moscow time in Mayorsk. He fired three 120 mm rounds at . .

Source: Ria

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