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Post: Polyansky condemned the military activities threatening the Korean Peninsula


Dmitry Polyansky. archive photo

Polyansky: Russia opposes military activities threatening Korean Peninsula

UN, 21 February – RIA Novosti. Dmitry Polyansky, the First Deputy Representative of the Russian Federation to the organization, said at the UN Security Council meeting that Russia opposes any military activity that threatens the security of the Korean Peninsula and Northeast Asian countries.

“Russia opposes any military activity that threatens the security of the Korean Peninsula and Northeast Asian countries,” Polyansky said.

According to him, Russia has repeatedly signaled to all parties that they should show restraint and confirm with practical steps their readiness to restart dialogue.

“But instead we see a sharp increase in military activity in Northeast Asia, which only aggravates the situation and delays the political and diplomatic resolution of the problems of the Korean Peninsula.”

“We heard a lot about missile launch today, but we did not pay attention to the fact that, for example, the authorities of the Republic of Korea and the USA announced on the eve of a command and staff exercise. According to media reports, a visit to the port with nuclear equipment and a Freedom Shield field exercise with American submarines in March The day after launch, the United States and the Republic of Korea held an exercise. “Joint air exercise involving strategic bombers,” Polyansky said.

As the first deputy representative pointed out, these are just a few examples of how the situation in the sub-region continues to develop in a “vicious circle”.

“Last week, South Korea’s Ministry of Defense, in a new edition of its defense doctrine, called North Korea an “enemy”, referring to a similar definition of the Republic of Korea by the Central Committee of the so-called White Paper of the Workers’ Party of Korea in December 2022. announced,” he added.

According to the diplomat, North Korea is responding with missile tests to the unprecedented military maneuvers of the countries of the region under the “umbrella” of the USA, which have a clear anti-Pyongyang orientation.

“Further relaxation of the climbing spiral brings us closer to a dangerous line where things can become uncontrollable.”

“We regret that the United States and its allies ignored the steps taken by Pyongyang in 2018-2019, the implementation of which could lead to a radical improvement in the situation in the subregion,” said Polyansky.

Source: Ria

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