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Post: Putin: The West is ready to use even the trait of a bald man to carry out its will


Russian President Vladimir Putin delivers his annual speech to the Bundestag

Putin: The West is ready to use at least terrorists, at least a hellish bald man, to implement its will

MOSCOW, February 21 – RIA Novosti. In a message to the Federal Assembly, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the West is ready to use any means necessary to fight Russia, including terrorists and neo-Nazis, as long as they serve their purposes.

“I’m sorry for the bad behavior, they don’t care. They don’t care who they bet on in the fight against Russia (in the West). The main thing is that they fight against us, our country. It means that anyone can be used – we saw it, it happened, and terrorists and neo- God forgive me, the Nazis, even if the devil is bald … I wish they would do their will, act as weapons against them. Russia,” said Putin.

Vladimir Putin’s message to the Bundestag. Online reporting

Source: Ria

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