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Post: Musk offers to explain Democrats ‘stuffing’ to Twitter leadership


Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX and Tesla. archive photo

Musk has offered to explain to the Twitter leadership that Democrats are “stuffed up” about ties between Trump and the Russian Federation.

WASHINGTON, May 20 – RIA Novosti. American businessman Elon Musk has called on Twitter to explain why the campaign headquarters of Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton was allowed to spread disinformation about the alleged secret ties between former US President Donald Trump and Russia.

According to Musk, this is a “cheat” by members of the Clinton campaign due to the investigation of a lawyer linked to the Democratic Party (Michael Sussman). Musk tweeted, “(Twitter CEO) Parag Agrawal and (Chief Counsel) Vijay Gadde, what do you call this?” he asked.

Information about the existence of a “secret channel of communication” between Trump and Alfa Bank was given to investigators in September 2016 by Michael Sussman, then attorney at the campaign headquarters of Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. As a result, Sussman was sued for perjury: She claimed she wasn’t working for a client when she requested a meeting to provide information about the channel, but later billed the Clinton campaign for such efforts, according to the indictment.

As it was learned the previous day, as a result of the investigation, the FBI found no evidence of the existence of any secret channel between the Trump Organization and the Russian bank. According to James Baker, a former senior adviser to the US agency, the FBI concluded that these allegations were unfounded.

Source: Ria

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