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Post: Japan, China voicing security concerns to each other


Chinese flag in the center of Beijing. archive photo

Japan and China have expressed their concerns to each other on various issues in the field of security.

TOKYO, February 22 – RIA Novosti. Japan and China expressed security concerns to each other during the Japan-China Security Dialogue, which began in Tokyo at the level of Deputy Foreign Ministers.

Therefore, Japanese Deputy Foreign Minister Shigeo Yamada conveyed his concern to the Chinese side that China’s military activities in the East China Sea are concentrated in the Senkaku Islands (Chinese name Diaoyu) area claimed by China. about the connection with China’s interaction with Russia in the military field and the blimps that appear in the sky over Japan.

“Japan and China face many problems and unresolved issues, especially in the field of security,” the Japanese deputy minister, Kyodo news agency, quoted.

China’s Deputy Foreign Minister Sun Weidong said his country is concerned about the three key security documents adopted by Japan in December last year.

Sun Weidong said at the meeting, “(Japan) cooperating with powers outside the region, expressing negative trends on Taiwan raises serious concerns.”

The previous Security Dialogue meeting took place four years ago in February 2019. The format has been around since 1993.

Japanese Foreign Minister Yoshimasa Hayashi announced the resumption of dialogue in Munich after meeting with Wang Yi, head of the CPC Central Committee’s foreign affairs commission, last week. During the meeting, the parties welcomed the holding of the Japan-China Security Dialogue, the negotiations between the diplomatic departments, the negotiations on the Japan-China economic partnership, and agreed to maintain contacts at various levels, including with the heads of state and foreign ministers.

Source: Ria

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