Post: Expert says North Korea nuclear test unlikely

Flag of North Korea in the demilitarized zone. archive photo

Japanese expert Izumi finds North Korea’s new nuclear test unlikely

TOKYO, February 22 – RIA Novosti, Ekaterina Plyasunkova. Professor Hajime Izumi, honorary director of the Center for Modern Korean Studies at Shizuoka University and one of the leading Japanese experts on North Korea, told the RIA that despite the ongoing missile tests, it is highly unlikely that a new nuclear test will be conducted by North Korea in the near future. told. novosti

“I do not believe that North Korea will conduct a nuclear test, but this is one of the ways North Korea can demonstrate its capabilities to both the United States and South Korea. But the problem is that China has strongly opposed North Korea’s nuclear tests.” The expert stressed. .

Professor Izumi recalled that the DPRK had only conducted nuclear tests at one and the same location at the Phungeri nuclear test site, which “meaning that there was significant contamination with radioactive materials here.”

The Chinese side is seriously concerned about the possibility that the radioactive materials that have accumulated here for decades may leak into the atmosphere and reach the northern regions of the PRC. In this respect, China strongly opposes nuclear tests.”

Now that the DPRK is still recovering from the coronavirus, “China is an extremely important supplier of food and other goods to North Korea, so they need to maintain good relations with Beijing,” the expert said.

“In this context, I believe that North Korea will not conduct a nuclear test, although it continues to test missiles.” Summarized Hajime Izumi.

North Korea last tested nuclear weapons in September 2017. The possibility of a seventh nuclear test “any time” was discussed in South Korea and Japan just last summer, and the alleged possible time intervals were mentioned several times. The most recent weekend, when the possibility of a nuclear test was not ruled out, involved the launch of the Hwaseong-15 intercontinental ballistic missile by the DPRK.

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