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Post: North Korea’s Foreign Ministry accuses UN Secretary General of being biased


North Korean flag on a car near the Russian Foreign Ministry building. archive photo

DPRK Foreign Ministry accused UN Secretary General of being biased, urging to avoid provocations

MOSCOW, February 22 – RIA Novosti. DPRK Deputy Foreign Minister for International Organizational Affairs Kim Sung-kyung protested UN Secretary-General António Guterres’ calls for Pyongyang to refrain from provocations on the Korean Peninsula, and also accused him of ignoring the actions of South Korea and the United States.

“I strongly protest and protest the extremely unfair and unbalanced stance of the UN Secretary-General, who ignored the dangerous military actions of the USA and South Korea, but branded his legitimate exercise as “provocation” and “threat”. DPRK Central News Agency (KCNA) DPRK’s right to self-defense against agitators, according to a statement by Kim Sung Kyung, published by Kim Sung Kyung.

The DPRK deputy foreign minister noted that Pyongyang had repeatedly advised Guterres to stay true to his duties and maintain justice and impartiality.

“The UN Secretary-General must clearly understand that his baseless and biased stance on the Korean Peninsula is a factor that has led to the hostile actions of the United States and its allies against North Korea,” said Kim Sung Kyung.

North Korea launched the Hwaseong-15 intercontinental ballistic missile on February 18. The rocket was launched along a hinged trajectory, that is, at a vertical angle, reached an altitude of 5768 kilometers, flew 989 kilometers in 4015 seconds and crashed into the Sea of ​​u200bu200bJapan. North Korea described the launch as a “sudden exercise”. This is believed to be the first time Pyongyang has ordered its military to launch ICBMs without preparation or warning.

Khaled Hiari, Deputy Secretary-General for the Middle East, Asia and the Pacific at a meeting of the UN Security Council, said that Guterres strongly condemned the launch of another North Korean ballistic missile and urged Pyongyang to refrain from further provocative action. Hiari said the unannounced launches pose a serious threat to international civil aviation and shipping.

Source: Ria

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