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Post: Moscow’s “Sportivnaya” metro station was cordoned off before the rally concert


Train at the “Sportivnaya” metro station in Moscow. archive photo

Moscow’s “Sportivnaya” metro station was cordoned off before a rally concert at the “Luzhniki” stadium

MOSCOW, February 22 – RIA Novosti. According to a reporter from RIA Novosti, the Sportivnaya metro station in Moscow, 2.5 hours before the rally concert in Luzhniki, was cordoned off by law enforcement, a large number of people inside the station and on the street.

A police cordon has been formed inside the metro station in the middle of the hall, and traffic controllers direct people to different exits. The station itself is only open.

However, along the parade leading to the Luzhniki stadium, a cordon was set up, including the mounted police. It is forbidden to bring drinks and food to the stadium’s own area, field kitchens operate on the field. Also crowded on the platforms of the MCC “Luzhniki”.

It was previously reported that a rally concert of 200,000 people is expected in Luzhniki on February 22.

Source: Ria

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