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Post: US court grants Baldwin permission to act in film after manslaughter


Hollywood actor Alec Baldwin. archive photo

Diversity: US court allowed Baldwin to act in film, but banned alcohol

MOSCOW, February 24 – RIA Novosti. A US court has allowed Alec Baldwin to continue filming a movie in which the actor is accused of manslaughter of the cinematographer, the publication reported. Variation.

As previously reported, Baldwin refused to attend Friday’s trial via video link and instead pleaded not guilty to court.

The court allowed Baldwin to continue working on the movie “Rast,” in which the actor was shot dead on set more than a year ago. The actor was also allowed to speak to witnesses in his trial, including director Joel Souza, but was barred from talking about the shooting. Filming is expected to continue in Montana in the spring.

In addition, the court forbade Baldwin from drinking alcohol and owning firearms or other dangerous weapons during the trial. The publication recalls that, according to Baldwin’s memoirs, the alcoholic actor stopped drinking on February 23, 1985.

In October 2021, Baldwin fired a pistol that turned out to be loaded with real ammunition, not blanks, during a rehearsal on the western “Rast” set. As a result, Ukrainian Galina Hutchins died, director Joel Souza was seriously injured. The actor stated that the cameraman did not pull the trigger of the gun with which he was killed. According to him, the shooting took place spontaneously.

Source: Ria

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