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Post: The director of the plant said that the SAM “Tor” is ahead of schedule sent to the Russian army


Anti-aircraft missile system “Tor”. archive photo

Factory head Ziyatdinov: In 2022, Tor air defense systems were sent to the Russian army ahead of schedule

MOSCOW, February 27 – RIA Novosti. The general director of the Kupol plant (Almaz-Antey concern) Fanil Ziyatdinov said that anti-aircraft missile systems (SAM) “Tor” were sent to the Russian army in 2022 ahead of schedule and in large quantities.

Izhevsk Electromechanical Plant “Kupol” is one of the leading enterprises of the Russian defense industry, the main developer and manufacturer of anti-aircraft missile systems of the “Tor” family.

“Positive dynamics were achieved in all areas. The growth rate (production – ed.) was on average 120%. The main result of the work was the fulfillment of obligations under the state defense order. Despite the increase in volumes, our main products – Tor family air defense systems – were delivered to the troops ahead of schedule was done.

He also said that Tor systems once again confirms its competitiveness in the global arms market.

“This is evidenced by the increase in deliveries through military-technical cooperation. Contracts with foreign customers were executed in strict accordance with the schedule,” said the general manager.

According to him, research and development work is organized around 70 topics. A significant part of them is aimed at further improving the tactical and technical characteristics of serial products – Tor family air defense systems: modernization of components and devices as part of the complex, software development, updating the element base.

Source: Ria

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