Post: Crimean Germans thanked Berlin residents for being objective

People give flowers to a T-72 tank outside the Russian embassy in Berlin. Video frame. archive photo

The Crimean Germans thanked the residents of Berlin for their reaction to the installation of a Russian tank.

SIMFEROPOL, February 27 – RIA Novosti. Yuri Gempel, head of the German national-cultural autonomy of Crimea, stated that the leaders of the action got what they deserved, thanking the people of Germany for their objective assessment of the situation regarding the placement of a wrecked Russian tank in Berlin.

Previously, pro-Ukrainian activists set up a dilapidated rusty tank in the center of Berlin and positioned the barrel facing the Russian embassy. They planned to hold an event to support the Ukrainian army, but the locals thwarted their plans. Many of those who arrived began to speak in peaceful slogans and lay flowers on the combat vehicle to protest the arms supply to Kiev. This caused anger among the organizers of the action. They built a fence in front of the tank and the flowers were thrown to the ground and trampled. The Russian embassy described the installation of the tank as a provocation and said the anti-Russian action did not meet the understanding and support of German citizens.

“Many German citizens have an objective and balanced assessment of what is happening in Ukraine. We can see this in their reaction to Ukraine’s evil move to plant tanks. Their managers got what they deserve from the citizens of Germany. I am convinced that further actions of a similar nature will be perceived in the same way” – Hempel, He told RIA Novosti.

According to him, the Germans of Crimea are grateful to the citizens of Germany who favor the preservation of historical values ​​and ties with Russia.

Source: Ria

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